I have known Peter for many years. He is hard working and thoughtful. He has been an outstanding public servant, and is just what we need representing District 3 in Concord.”

–U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen

 Peter has been endorsed by both the NH Police Association and the NH Troopers Association

“On Friday September 9, 2011, NEA-NH recommended the election of Peter
to the House.”

-Rick Trombly, Director of Advocacy and Policy for NEA-NH

“[Peter] is a former state representative who had an outstanding record in support of public education and educators.”

- Rhonda Wesolowski,
President, NEA-NH


The NRA has given Peter Leishman a grade of A- in consideration of his support for 2nd Amendment rights (click for full view)NRA_Grade_Letter__________

“Our board met tonight and voted unanimously to endorse you in the H-3 special election. Your past House actions plus your favorable support of the Governor’s RTW veto were prime issues in our decision. We look forward to working with you in your fight against the anti-worker candidate and then further in reversing the damage done… Thanks and best wishes.”

–Ken Roos, 1st VP and Co-chair of political education
State Employees’ Association of NH (SEIU-1984)

“Peter Leishman’s past service in the NH House of Representatives was thoughtful, ethical and responsive to his constituents. As chair of the finance committee on which Peter served, I knew I could count on him to listen carefully and work with people representing diverse views in order to come up with the best possible solution to complex problems. He followed procedures set up to protect both the minority and majority views. It would be hard to find someone who better represented his district”

–Marjorie Smith, former chair, NH House Finance Committee.

“I am sure you acted at some personal cost… I appreciated your thoughtful independence…. You have both my respect and my gratitude.”

Chief Justice John T. Broderick, Jr.,
NH Supreme Court, retired

“Peter Leishman exercises thoughtful, open-minded decision-making. He gathers information, listens to concerns, evaluates carefully and then reaches a rational and well-defined conclusion.”

Anne-Marie Irwin, Peterborough,
former member of NH House and Chair of Executive Departments
and Administration Committee

“Having gotten a brief glimpse of the time and energy that you devote to representing the citizens of NH in our legislature, I am in awe of your service and commitment…. I want to tell you how important it has been for our girls to witness your interest, and the democratic process of law making advocacy and the appropriate role of dissent.”

Randa Tenney, MA, Program Manager,
The Antrim Girls Shelter